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Viseratta - Book 1

After a attack in a old city tunnel Ari wakes to horrible nightmares, and a terrified best friend. She soon begins to realize that the horrific series of events may not be a coincidence. She is changing in ways she cannot explain and strange events are happening faster than explanations. She soon finds herself thrust into a war that has raged for centuries with the legacies. She is about to find out that the greatest dangers and strength comes from within.

Viseratta -The Revenge - Book 2

He headed back to the city. Tonight he would make someone pay for his pain. He was so out of control, he could not even think straight as his rage burned. His mind became crippled by visions of the past, the kills, the torture, the blood-lust, all the screams. He flashed back to the night, he had tried to attack Ari and what had happened to him. Then he remembered the total blackness as he fell into the tunnel engulfed in horrific pain. Archer had allowed himself to be blinded by Bodev's hatred as it took him down a spiral to depravity, torture and straight to hell. Now he would have his revenge

Viseratta - Family Secrets - Book 3

If it walked,flew or crawled he and his army would kill it. He had taken no chances and spared no expense. His army was armed with the best weapons, and his archers had poison tipped arrows. Alias was not the only one who could be dangerous or deceitful and Archer had learned quickly. They would suffer at his hands the same fate, they had dealt him. He was excited at the prospect that he would destroy Ari and the army she brought leaving a strait path open to the Viseratta child who could already wield fire.

Viseratta - Rise from Darkness - Book 4

“You tell me that now, and that much I believe . However, there is something else you want and desire. There is something you will risk too much for. In your quest for vengeance do not become blinded by what you believe exists. It will bring horrible consequences to your door and your house. You have come so far do not let Decauth destroy what is left of you. You can rule with heart as your father once did. You cannot change your destiny without dire consequences

Viseratta - Obsession and Betrayal - Book 5

When life throws the unbelievable at you sometimes you have to believe in what cannot be. There are things and forces of this world, we will never understand that does not mean they do not exist. For those who can overcome the fear, there is a whole other world out there.

Viseratta - Return of The Nochi - Book 6

Sometimes we become trapped in the gilded cage of money and power never realizing we have become a prisoner of our own hand. When the days turn into nights, and nights to days the circle just continues and nothing ever changes. Tomorrow they would ride across the fields and bring the fires of hell with them. He looked across the table at the others and all that he could see were the years of perpetuated hate fueled by each others ego's. It is the thing that drives men to the brink of madness then lets them fall over the edge while it laughs at them in the wind.

Viseratta - The Fire Sign - Book 7

The final book in the Viseratta series Where one shall fall another shall rise

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